And off we are again…

September 5, 2012

It’s been a while, I admit it. It’s been a fun summer, a very sunny summer, too sunny for some. We took a break, sorted some things out, including how to move on with the blog. And here we are again. Away from the sun, at the computer, into our projects. Welcome to a new semester! And welcome back readers.

I’d have a lot to say about Roger’s last blog, on the new aesthetic, but given that this is the digital era his last comment lies a steep number of light years away. So I’ll let it go. We can revisit this again later, Roger… And throw myself head first into the many buzzes on campus and the various worlds in which I participate, including the ongoing hoopla concerning all things digital humanities. Over the summer Steven Park’s web site has morphed into the go-to place for dighum info, Tim Hunter’s Digital Media Center is now linked to the new Dept. of Digital Media & Design, and over my son’s potluck picnic in Middle School I hear about THE cloud to be in at UConn – the virtual PC. Free software – who can resist? Leave it to Cathy Davidson to start your semester off with some serious thoughts on how to rally the digital media masses to finalize your syllabus. And if you’ve done all that and your classes are off to an excellent start, digital or analog, check out your chances to become editor-at-large at Digital Humanities Now so that you really do stay informed! What’s not to love about staying out of the sun?


One comment

  1. I really do want to hear what you think of the “New Aesthetic,” Anke! Will you post something about that soon, please?!

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