At “Play the Past”: Roger on an interesting Disney game

April 19, 2012

Anyone reading me here might be interested in my “rules of the text” series at Play the Past. I added a little to it today with a post about a rather remarkable ARG/LARP/CCG hybrid that’s recently debuted in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Sample:

In this practomime, a huge range of transmedia discourses (films, above all, but also books, games, and the Magic Kingdom itself) are made part of a ruleset that the designers (whom Disney, never more appropriately, of course calls “imagineers”) have literally mapped onto the theme park and coded onto cards that fragment the Disney narratives and let players recompose them in delightful juxtapositions–for example assaulting Yzma of The Emperor’s New Groove with Maurice’s (of Beauty and the Beast) woodchopper.


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