Technogenesis vs distributed cognition

February 28, 2012

Katherine Hayles’s talk at UConn was inspiring and a fascinating part of the ongoing debate on attention spans; how, precisely, media determine our situation (an established Kittlerian position); and whether our biological system can, will, is determined to keep up. While I saw my future self – on occasion – hovering above the audience as Eduardo Kac’s slightly discombobulated bioart bunny, “Alba”,

transgenically infused with all kinds of post-human “software”, I also kept wondering how technogenesis and distributed cognition (loosely defined as “cognitive phenomena generally are best understood as distributed processes” and the “theoretical focus is on how cognition is distributed across people and artifacts”) are connected. Is this Phaedrus meets Simonides? Or psychophysics meets environmental aesthetics? I was flummoxed, intrigued, and generally exhausted just thinking of how these two processes could be worked together. Hence, for now, the vs. Because we may have to engage a “new phenomenology” to approach our body under different terms… Because I don’t want to be Alba… Because I like being scatterbrained…


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