Thoughts after Hayles

February 23, 2012

Katherine Hayles‘ talk here at UConn, “The Technogenetic Spiral” was wonderful. I asked my usual Phaedrus question–that is, “How can you say that we’re undergoing some new change to the dynamics of our consciousness when Plato has Socrates identify the very same change in a dialogue written two millennia ago?” I thought she answered it as well as anyone coming from where she’s coming from ever has. She said, more or less, that she thinks it’s accelerating, but it’s been with us a long time.

What I adore about her approach is the way she handles intervention, and above all the way she sees the power of games to effect such intervention. Speculation is the ARG she and her colleagues are making, to intervene in the technogenetic spiral and, above all, to make us more conscious, at every congitive level, of what’s going on.


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