Teaching the Pedagogues

February 22, 2012

So if I want to get into games – let’s just assume that the idea of the stuffy academic whose work is wedded to an analog universe is over – what games would I get into? And I don’t mean Tetris or Pac-man… Where to start? How to get fired up? How to enter that other universe your students know inside and out? And – preferably – how to avoid buying a whole lot of equipment your students have accumulated over years (thanks to generous parents and all)? Perhaps it’s not an issue of computer illiteracy that many academics (in the humanities?) are not the ludic bunch. Perhaps it’s generational (some of those I ask DO play Tetris), perhaps it’s lack of time (what? MORE time on the computer???), perhaps it’s sheer ignorance of the cornucopia of games out there that are actually FUN! And relaxing! And intellectually challenging! And FUN! So, suggestions anyone? What do you play when you KNOW you have more IMPORTANT things to do?



  1. First of all, it’s now pretty easy on almost any computer to play really good games. I think Portal might be a very good place to start.

    Let’s talk!

    • Ok, got to Portal. Which ones are without guns, absolutely required survival skills, bleak environments and other stress-inducing features? Any games that will just let my brain float in creative bliss?

      • The game I’m recommending is the one called “Portal” :D. It’s by Valve.

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