Debating Digital Culture and Media Studies at UConn

January 16, 2012

Welcome to another blog! From academics! At a university! Here it goes:

Digital Culture and Media Studies
The PhD concentration in Digital Culture and Media Studies prepares students to work in a wide variety of interdisciplinary fields such as Game Studies and Media Philosophy and to undertake research projects in Media History. Topics of study may include video games, social media, digital film culture, electronic literature and interactive fiction, virtual worlds, and the relation of all those topics to media archeology and the products of earlier discursive technologies such as non-digital artistic forms (i.e., traditional art and literature), film, radio, and the tabletop RPG. Students are encouraged to apply their expertise in New Media to the classroom and to artistic endeavors. The application of media theory and history to the burgeoning digital culture presents a unique opportunity to merge practice with theory and to pursue work in the humanities with a scope that extends from the classical world through our immediate contexts. Ultimately, students learn to participate as scholars and teachers in the discourses springing from the integration of digital computer technology and multiple media into world culture.

This is the boring part. Debates are about to be posted. This week. Promise!


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